Frequently asked questions

The platforms are suitable for events of all kinds, including

  • Conferences
  • Trade fairs
  • Product launches
  • Presentations with speakers
  • Separate rooms for discussions
  • Networking
  • Panel discussions
  • Tasting events

Of course! We offer a free demo to test the platform and its features.

Should you book accordingly, our support team will be available during the event to answer any questions you may have.

Yes, that is possible. We will discuss the extent of the customisation with you to meet your specific requirements.

There are many advantages, for instance:

  • The events are location-independent and flexible. Every guest can participate easily and effortlessly no matter where they are.
  • The organizational effort required is significantly less than for a live event – with results-oriented execution.
  • Sustainability: There is no need to travel to the event and no ecological footprint left on site. In addition, we offset the CO² emissions caused by ourselves and all participants.

In general, no limit is placed on the number of participants. Depending on the size of the group, the agenda and the goals, we recommend the right platform for your event.

You don’t need an account to participate – simply name your avatar with an alias of your choice. In this way, no data is collected.

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